You’re hot, but so is hell

What do I do with my life now? That’s a good question! There are endless opportunities out there and quite frankly it’s a little bit scary… At the same time, exciting!

6 months ago my life was the total opposite to where I am now; I was working in a coffee shop, happy to work a dead end job, happy looking for houses to buy in the outer suburbs of Melbourne with my dumb ex-boyfriend, happy to visit my small group of close friends once a month at least, basically living an ordinary, “normal” life.  Now, well, I can do anything I want now.  I have decided and dismissed many career ideas. I have decided and dismissed many ideas of slashing my cheating ex-boyfriends tyres (I wouldn’t do that, I don’t have a big enough knife) or smash a window or two, hire a hit man, you know, the usual.  What I HAVE done since my life changed is have fun! I’ve realised what I’ve been missing out on for the past 10 years (yes, we dated a decade). I’ve missed out on spontaneous nights out, fun with family, friends, strangers, sleazy guys, funny guys, hot guys (which surprisingly isn’t that hard to tell the difference) and yes there are plenty of them! There is one particular gorgeous, dreamy guy (let’s say his name is “Max”, not pictured) that I’m thinking of messaging. And he is hot, I’m talking smokin’ hot, but is he good or is he bad? And which one do I want!? I don’t know but I think I want to find out. So what else is there to do but be happy, free and just have fun!? Think of new things to try. Learn to play the guitar. Go skinny dipping. Do whatever makes you happy! And If I’m wrong… Well then shit, I’m screwed.


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