Play that funky music 

12540650_10153535265938218_2162204808513288281_n I did it! I crossed one thing off my list this year! Start learning to play the guitar! So I bought one! Yes I made a new years resolution list, but with the intention of no pressure! Just new things I want to try, like having sex with a random guy with no attachment. I’ll let you guess if that’s crossed off my list. Keep in mind, I’m smiling right now. And drinking wine haha! Let me tell you one thing about learning to play the guitar with no prior experience, it’s hard. Honestly I wish I had someone to teach me. I wish I could just pick it up and play a song already, but I can’t. It’s going to take work. I am extremely happy that I am teaching myself this skill! Self learning! Like everything in life. There is a lot of satisfaction in doing something by yourself! I’m not kidding, yeah I have some moments where I wish it was easier (like I wish life was easier sometimes) but in the end it’s all about learning. About improving yourself. About being the best you possible! So go ahead, pick up a new skill, why not, go for it!

Playing the guitar so far has taught me my fingers are small, and I really should cut my nails because they are really getting in the way! Other than that, I’ve tuned the guitar myself, and I know the strings (Eadgbe) honestly made up my own acronym for that ( eat a dick, good boy, easy) don’t ask, just don’t! The chords I know so far are; em e a & d. And I’m currently learning the song “swing low, sweet chariot”. Doesn’t sound like a lot but in one day that’s pretty good! C’mon, admit it, I’m amazing! Hey, self love never hurts!

On another note, I’ve made dinner & drinks plans tomorrow night with my cousin I hardly ever see but want to soo much! I seriously can’t wait to live closer to her! I’m definitely going to move closer to the city this year! And I did text “Max” about maybe catching up tomorrow night if he’s up for drinks with me, for more than 30 mins (that’s me playing on an earlier text from him) and he replied with “Lucy, what’s your facebook?” ok so I know he’s completely forgotten what I look like, you wouldn’t ask for facebook if you knew. But to be honest I don’t really care. I’ll tell him my facebook after this wine maybe, I like how I look (Obviously not in an up-myself way) I’m happy with me, so screw it. I’m gonna do it! Wish me luck xx


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