Prince charming is boring

12439336_10153543484543218_4813191091144930085_n I might have had too many wines last night. Red wines though, so obviously antioxidants = healthy. Right? Right! I’m not going to give you a full run down of my night, but I sent a guy a text and had to deal with funny messages that went nowhere. Let’s get to that in a bit.

So what stupid things besides messaging “Max” did I do? I signed up for RSVP dating website, or at least my sister did, on my behalf, because she’s great like that. So I sat there watching her make me a profile and I answered some of the dumbest questions to find my match. I honestly don’t understand how half of those questions finds you your soul mate, or at least something close to it. Well let me tell you about my matches, there were none. I’m either too picky, too weird, or we are in a serious man drought! Im not sold on the online dating thing yet, but I’ll stick it out and see if my perfect partner shows up. Today my inbox was quite full of potential matches, anywhere up to 70% matched! I chose one of them, just one. Just because he was the only guy that said he’s looking to meet people and doesn’t mind if it just ends up being friendship. And the others? Well I am ashamed to say I said no to a lot just from their photos, but attraction has to be there so I felt I had to, I was doing them a favour, cutting it off quick. No beating around the bush here! One guy I said no to because he said must be 170cm tall. Good on you for saying exactly what you want, but who the hell cares how tall someone is! Oh no you’re 1cm shorter than my ideal partner I can’t date you!

I’m looking forward to tonight, being out in the real world! Last nights internet antics were just too surreal for me. It just doesn’t feel genuine. I like to talk to people, I like to hear stupid things people say, I like to see the real side of people! Not from a profile that you can proof read to make sure you’re a real catch, not from texts where you can’t feel the emotion. Give me the real thing!

As for “Max”; Ive deleted the texts. He asked me what my facebook was, so I told him Lucy “Jane” the one and only! He said I’m cute (thanks!) and that he might be free during the week. I asked him his full name, he replied “official Ryan Gosling” Sure saying he was Ryan Gosling was pretty funny and yes he did give me his real name and I (weird) “facebook stalked” him (he obviously did it to me so why not!) but he said “maybe next week” seriously “maybe” fine, ok, I said let me know when you’re free.. And that’s that! I deleted his texts because I’m not stupid. So if he doesn’t text/ call me then fine, I don’t care how cute you are, I’m out. I’m still fine with texting a guy first, but don’t expect me to initiate conversation all the time. Who knows, maybe prince charming will come along and sweep me off my feet tonight, brandishing his sword at all the other potential suitors craving my attention, and we will ride off into the night on his horse because that’s reality! It is, trust me!


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