Romeo, Romeo

img_3375 As I sit here trying not to move for fear of my head exploding, drinking my tea with a kick, I wonder if I have ever had a hangover as bad as the one I have now. I need sleep.

Now I know I shouldn’t have stayed out until 5am, again. I also should not have given my phone number to an extremely pushy guy, who is now listed in my phone as “caution do not answer!” And I also should not have kissed two boys. Well one of the boys anyway. I ended up telling one guy he’s too young for me, go find someone his own age. At least I hope he had a good night, he was a sweet kid, but a bit too immature. Now guy number two “Romeo” was younger than me as well, but he was extremely easy to talk to! And… Muscles… I’m drooling! He actually literally picked me up because I said I needed air, and let me just say; good move Romeo! Now there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s used that move on countless other girls. But, as embarrassed as I am to admit it, it worked! It reminded me of the Dirty Dancing move and when Ryan Gosling shows Emma Stone his big move in Crazy, stupid love. So when Romeo left he texted me to see if I was ok. Which was very refreshing considering the last guy that texted me straight away said “coming over?” So Romeo is definitely a sweetheart, texted me this morning as well. I’m thinking even though he’s younger by 5 years (I think) why not have some fun and see where it goes!? Most of the guys that I seem to be interested in lately are always younger, I don’t know why, but I’ll just roll with it.

Now I haven’t forgotten about “Max” he did text me yesterday to see if we can talk Monday, so I said yes. I’m really not following this guy, he’s very confusing. I have to say it’s quite strange that I’m texting two guys that seem completely different! One that I texted first who is quite “hot & cold” and another guy that so far doesn’t seem to be playing any games. But then again, we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe Romeo and I will lay down together in a beautiful embrace and show our undying love for each other by drinking poison and I will stab myself in the heart because if I can’t be with him then there’s no reason to live. Ah romance!


2 thoughts on “Romeo, Romeo

  1. I love that you just call your blog a ‘bad love and life’ blog – amazing! Thanks for all the love and support over at In His Defence. P x x x


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