Dating 101?

img_3376 I have a date! No, not with my bed. Not with a man either (as hard as that is to believe). I have a date with a girl. Now before you start thinking I swing both ways, I don’t. I’m just genuinely more interested in making friends than I am with going on dates with guys. Making new friends isn’t that easy either. I’m finding it to be the same concept as dating. You meet someone, swap phone numbers with them or add them on Facebook, whichever you prefer. You chat the next day or a couple days later to see if there’s anything in common and if they are truly a nice person that you would be interested in getting to know. Then set a date to meet up for coffee or a couple of drinks to see where it goes from there. See? Making friends is exactly the same process as making “lovers” except obviously one doesn’t end up in the bedroom. That’s dating 101, sounds easy right!?

Now back to the subject of dating men! I always seem to go back to that, I have boys on my brain, don’t judge me, I just can’t help myself. I had a great time texting Romeo back and forth yesterday, all day I might add. This time I just wrote whatever popped into my head first and very surprisingly he replied each time. With very witty comments as well! I was very impressed. He asked me what I was up to this week and I replied “I have a couple of baby showers and an engagement, just the usual, you?” Now I understand that doesn’t even sound remotely funny, it is an inside joke sorry! But he said (among other things) “Could potentially see your face at the end of the week if you can squeeze us in to your schedule!” Now that was cute, but also wasn’t really a question so I said who’s us? (I crack myself up sometimes) but I felt like making him work just a little bit harder to get a date, why not? His reply? “Me, my wife, my 2 girlfriends and 2 side chicks.. We’d all love to see you!” You may think I’m strange that I actually found (and still find) that absolutely hilarious! Come on, how could you not! He is Romeo after all, no doubt there’s plenty of women chasing him. As well as that reply being funny, I was impressed at how quick he thought it up. So, did we set a date? No, but he did ask again, and I did tell him that I might be able to squeeze him in at the end of the week. At least now I know where Romeo is, he’s standing under my window quoting poems of sweet sorrow & love. That’s not creepy, it’s Shakespeare!


4 thoughts on “Dating 101?

  1. Thank you for liking my most recent post. I read your articles and I truly admire your sense of humor. It seems organic and not forced at all. A “juicy burger and a bourbon” sounds like love to me, ha. We just have to find a place equidistant between Melbourne and Los Angeles.

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      1. If you ever want an opinion on dating from a fellow single, reach out. I don’t mind passing my email along (; use it to find me on FB as my name is too common; i’m age appropriate as well, ha). Besides having a contact in Melbourne is a plus!

        That past episode came up through conversation and it danced in my head for a whole weekend before i got tired and wrote it up. I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you. I’m liking Hawaii definitely, Lucy Jane.

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      2. I might just take you up on that offer thanks! I’m so new to dating, if I can’t sort it out in my thoughts in at least a day I will contact you 🙂 I try to get my thoughts written out as soon as I can, it sort of erases them from my brain. I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii!

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