If you scratch my back

12187657_10153558271823218_8245119166297154154_nLast night I finally checked my RSVP page, my sister would be cheering in joy right now, I’ve just been deleting every email I receive sorry guys. So I thought screw it, I’ll have a quick look, see if my 100% is there. He’s not. But I did click “yes” on a cute guy that had said he was interested. Turns out he was online when I said yes so, naturally, we started chatting. After I navigated all the pages because I had no idea how to use that site, which by the way they have an Astro-compatibility. It was interesting to read but I don’t know if I agree with that. Anyway it was easy talk, nothing sexual, he lives nearby, has a son that he sees every second weekend, he’s 27 (younger, again) and I already harmlessly teased him in the first 5 minutes, I don’t know why but I seem to do that to guys. Maybe it’s testing them to see what they say back. Who knows. But he sounds nice, wasn’t drinking because it’s Monday. I did NOT tell him that I was, I only had four, and I completely forgot what day it was because it’s the long weekend, so technically I didn’t lie either, I just didn’t say anything about alcohol. Ah the beauty of online chatting!

This little exchange got me thinking about boys again (I’m terrible I know), I thought I’d gotten over the “bang buddy” situation that I wanted, but now I’ve got an itch that I can’t scratch. I didn’t think that I would be thinking about it so soon, I mean I went three months without sex before “Max” came along, and now it’s been a week! At least I think it’s been a week. All I want to know is; is there something wrong with me? I have a feeling it’s because I came out of a long term relationship where sex was easily available and now I know I have to wait to see if/when someone else is going to come along and sweep me off my feet. I even started thinking about texting “Romeo” again! Don’t worry I’m shaking my head at myself too, gave myself a stern talking to. I’m not going to text Romeo, I wasn’t as attracted to him as I was Max so I don’t want to lower my standards. It’s a shame though, I really liked talking to Romeo, he would’ve been a good friend. Is it bad if I texted him after I’ve already kissed him and flirted with him to say “Hey Romeo! Wanna get a couple drinks with me sometime as friends?” Let me know seriously because I feel like no-one wants to be friend zoned, but we really got along well. Anyway, I flat out refuse to text Max, even though I’d like him to be my “bang buddy” I don’t feel like I’m that desperate. Yet.

Well at least this Saturday I have plans to view my potential new share house (so excited!) and I’m going out drinking with my older sister which lets face it she desperately needs! Even if it’s just for a bit of flirting and attention off men so it helps her to stop doubting herself for leaving her obnoxious husband. I talk to her all the time, to help her feel strong like she used to be, she’s a stunner, always has been, but somewhere along the way she’s forgotten how amazing in looks and mind she truly is and honestly a little bit of attention never hurt anyone, am I right ladies!? We’re going to get dressed up to the nines, have tonnes of fun dancing, drinking, flirting with guys, maybe get a number or two and then we’re going home alone! Watch out men in the city we’ll be coming for you! And then leaving you! Xx


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