High spirits!

whisky-general-web_1827667iI had a job interview today and it went amazing! Got a trial next week and I get the job as long as I do good! Which I will, because I’m just awesome! And it’s pretty close to where I want to move to which is a bonus, things just keep getting better for me every week!

The manager was great to talk to, he was really down to earth, but I’m ashamed to admit we flirted a little bit during the interview! I know it was wrong and I know I will NOT go there but it’s like I couldn’t help myself! I’ve gone flirt crazy haha! Ok not “crazy”, I was being quite subtle actually but he picked up on it pretty quick. A bit of harmless flirting in the work place is ok isn’t it? Personally I think it’s good for a laugh, lifts your spirits up just that little bit more. Besides being happy in a work place brings in more customers in my opinion. If they see you happy and enjoying yourself, who wouldn’t want to go back to that! This is in hospitality by the way, I don’t think it would work in an office environment at all. But why not have a bit of flirtation with your co-workers? As long as you don’t go too far. I would definitely NOT sleep with a co-worker, that could cause way too many problems. What if they fell in love with me (because everyone does of course), how awkward would it be if you turned them down and then had to see them every day!? See? Big no no! So as long as everyone knows it’s just for a bit of fun, who cares!

As for tonight’s date with “Dan”, I’ve relaxed a bit lol and I’m looking forward to it. Even though he’s really hurt his back, he keeps telling me, it’s extremely sore, but he’s super excited for tonight still! And he says I’ve got to be gentle with him. Ah ok, I don’t know if he’s expecting me to jump his bones right away because of all the cute messages, smiley faces, the “Goodnight lovely x” text I received last night, even the “good morning!” text today, including numerous others, he’s got no idea how much it is actually turning me off. But I’ve cleared all and any (good and bad) expectations from my mind. I’ll clap myself on my back for that! I am starting to feel bad for writing posts about his texts being annoying, because I’m sure some girls would love getting cute texts day and night, just not this girl unfortunately. I must say though, even though I don’t like constant texting, mostly because I’m fairly busy a lot of the time (and sending more texts if I don’t reply is just ridiculous), I actually still like a text the next day. Complicated little weirdo aren’t I!?

Anyway I’m ready to pre-celebrate my possible new job! Dan’s on board for a couple of drinks with dinner (not just coffee anymore fyi) so I’m actually looking forward to it! Why not! Start the weekend early! Bring it in with a bang! Not “that” kind of bang though! On a side note; If I don’t post anything in the next 24 hours, please call the police, I’d appreciate it.


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