Oops I did it again

britney-spears-hit-me-baby-one-more-time-video-GCBefore the night had even started, I decided to myself that I was going to say no to every single man that approached me. Obviously, I lied.

As I was getting ready to go out, I gave myself a little pep talk; Lucy, tonight you are only going to hang out with your cousin (my sister is sick), you’re entire family thinks you’re “slutting” it up, even though you’re not, you need to save face, you’re going to decline any invitation to dance, you’re not going to accept any drinks, no flirting with sexy men and strictly no kissing anybody! As honest as I usually am, I’ve figured out that I am the only person that I lie to.

The night started great! We had dumplings and wine for dinner and had a pleasant walk down China Town. We were thinking of where to go, and because we were trying to keep the night as cheap as we could, we ended up going back to the same club we went the last time. Good idea Lucy! We talked for a couple of hours on the balcony, while I was behaving myself with my drinks, then I guess I had one too many and decided to start drinking Jack Daniels. Another great idea! We started feeling like dancing, I absolutely love dancing, so we went downstairs and it was packed! Next thing I know, I’m sculling most of my drinks, getting my groove on, showing off my sweet dance moves to old-school RnB, flirting with hot guys, accepting drinks off them, dancing with anyone and everyone and then I kissed a girl.

I’ve never kissed a girl, she was a great kisser and even though I thoroughly enjoyed the moment, it didn’t turn me on. Oh well. But then I met her friend “Sam” and I’ll just say it, man was he an amazing kisser! I would have gone home with him if not for the fact that I was still attempting to uphold my reputation. Which by then was just stupid because my cousin saw everything anyway, definitely not proud of that. But also because I wore the most unattractive underwear as a way to stop myself from hooking up with anyone. Even I’m impressed with all the great ideas that I came up with yesterday! For a couple of hours, well I think it was a couple, I was drunk after all, we were all over each other. PDA and quite inappropriate touching in public, which I’m not super proud of, but I don’t regret it either. To be honest I could’ve had sex with him right then and there! But I held back because I wanted to have a little talk with him. Which basically means I told him I want a fuck buddy. I had already said I’m recently out of a long term relationship, so is he, and that I’m not interested in finding a boyfriend but I’m also not a slut. Now whether he believes that or not is up to him, but he sounded keen, obviously, so I gave him my number which he called straight away, I’m assuming to make sure it’s real, and today I was thinking I wonder if he was that drunk that he doesn’t remember. Well I got a text; “Lucy” that’s it, nothing else. So after double checking the number that called me last night to make sure it was him and I hadn’t given my number to someone else, I texted back;

Me: “Yes Sam?”

Sam: “Will you marry me?”

Me: “Oh set a date! I’m in love!”

Haha! I had told him about a guy proposing to me the last time I went out, so points for Sam for remembering and making a joke out of it. He just texted again, I’m interested to see how he brings up my “proposal” and I’m excited about possibly getting my “bang buddy” after all! I’ll keep you all posted.


4 thoughts on “Oops I did it again

  1. Ha,ha! I’ve had times where I’ve had to pep talk myself and then I end up doing what I said I wasn’t going to do anyway. Love the underwear idea. I’ve taken it a step further. I will purposely not shave my legs so that I won’t have sex with guys I’ve just met. It’s the only thing that works for me. Good luck on the “bang buddy”

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