We’re up all night to get lucky

21587_10153571746748218_5528172899643172174_nIs there any possibility, even the slightest, tiniest, minutest chance that after approaching a man about being FWB, that he would lose interest?

After initially talking to “Sam” (yes, while drunk) •I like making new friends •Let’s be buddies! •Of course mate! •Some stupid random shit talk •I’m not interested in finding or getting another boyfriend any time soon •Recently got out of a long term relationship •So did he •More random shit •I’m just having fun •Oh my god I love this song let’s dance •Fuck yeah! •Bad tone deaf singing •Dancing •Getting closer •Dirty dancing •More truly horrible loud singing •You’ve got a great ass •Even dirtier dancing •Oh shit we’re kissing, so much for mates. Then eventually I told Sam; I want a friend with benefits. There was a lot of kissing (great kissing!) and touching, a lot of talking too, though for the life of me I can’t remember much of what was said (imagine that!) I do remember him getting a hard-on a few times, then very unfortunately as we’re squeezing through the crowd, him holding onto my hand to not lose me, only half a staircase until we’re outside getting a cab, and my cousin’s standing right there. Shit. I was staying at her house. Shit, she won’t leave. He asked for my number, rang my phone, we kissed for a long time again, nope she’s still there. See you later Sam. I guess the universe keeps telling me not to do one night stands.. Ever! It’s starting to piss me off to be completely honest.

Bring on last nights texts:

Sam: Lucy

Me: Yes Sam?

Sam: Will you marry me?

Me: Oh set a date! I’m in love!

Sam: I knew it

Me: Well your great kissing skills would make me agree to a lot of things

Sam: Is that right? Like catching up this week

Me: Like catching up this week?

Sam: Yeah, you, me. This week

Me: So that was a question! Yes I would like to

Sam: How’s your calendar looking Lucy?

Me: Pretty white with some numbers, words & shit. Yours?

Sam: Oh good. So I’ll be grabbing that smart ass of yours tomorrow.

Me: Haha! Any chance you could grab it Friday? I’m actually pretty busy this week

Sam: Yeah I could grab then…

Me: Just a simple yes or no would work too!

Sam: Goodnight Lucy

Sam: Sweet dreams

Me: Goodnight Sam

To me, this conversation is deflating. I read the texts again this morning and I’ve realised that I’m a sarcastic little bitch and could very possibly be a bit cranky when I’m tired. I feel like I should just write it off to be a no-go. But I wanted to get your thoughts. So ladies and gentlemen; Do I make different plans for Friday? Or is there still a chance I’m getting lucky?


19 thoughts on “We’re up all night to get lucky

  1. Absolutely make plans!
    But… are you planning on discovering what he’s really looking for ‘after’ you sleep with him? So far, it doesn’t sound like you two are on the same page other than being very attracted to each other… this is in its infancy stages.
    You did tell him that you want a FWB, but that honestly came off as nothing more than a horny line to me in the context. While you can never be sure of sarcasm over texts, his banter and what he said could be a red flag. Food for thought!
    Just keeping it real LJ! 🙂


    1. Appreciate it Dan 😀 so it’s better to discuss it not drunk before sex then yes? Yep very attracted to each other but we still managed to talk that night lol!
      I thought he might of taken it as just a horny pick up line. I got a bit of a red flag with “yeah I could grab then..” Because wtf is that?
      Keep it real always Dan the man! 😛

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  2. “Sarcastic little bitch”? Hell no! I’d love a hot and sparky text exchange like that. I read it at the pace of 40s noir dialogue. That, miss, is chemistry. Go do him!

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