Positive energy

7b635cc808811aaee18acdcbcdbad43cI had my job trial in the city today! Did it go well? No fucking idea! Don’t you hate that, when you have no idea how well you did, when they say that there’s three more people coming in for trials this week and they’ll contact you at the end of the week, so you reply with “Well fingers crossed they do badly!” Haha! I probably shouldn’t have said that, but sometimes I just don’t think before I talk. Oh well, at least the manager laughed. And at least I made nearly everyone at the shop laugh when I almost tripped over a pot plant as I was leaving, man that was embarrassing!

It wasn’t busy when I first got there so I followed one of the girls around for a bit, asking stupid questions, then when more customers started rolling in, the girl watched me take a couple of orders, told me what to do and then I was basically on my own. I’m fairly confident that I did good. I did forget to give people cutlery after they ordered and the girl had to remind me, but at least I still got to them before their meals came out.

But even though I’m feeling good about how much I improved in the 1.5 hour trial, I’m still nervous as hell and really just don’t know if I will get it. I mean how much can you really prove in an hour and a half!? I’m just going to be positive and keep telling myself that I’ve got the job! I don’t want to stress myself out the next couple of days, as Buddha (I think) said; “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” So I think I’ll get the job, I feel I’ll get the job and I’ll imagine I got the job! So yes, damn right I got the job! Congratulations Lucy! Everyone can cheer with joy now!!! I’m also going to imagine every other possible candidate tripping over that damned pot plant!


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