Bacon = happiness

41yGCCuMEIL__SX300_Last night was crazy. At some point someone suggested tequila shots (me), we went to a few bars after dinner and we danced our little asses off until 4am. At which point we got into a cab and went back to his house for some more (ahem) privacy. I was a bad girl last night I’ll admit it. I don’t particularly remember talking about friends with benefits at all. Woops!

To start off, I met him out the front of a trendy looking burger place, which a burger and a bourbon is my idea of the best dinner in the world, but it was full so we decided to just go for a walk and find another restaurant. At this point “Sam” noticed that I had glad wrap on my chest poking out of my top (I got a pretty dodgy looking arrow tattoo under my collarbone earlier that day) so I told him I got stabbed and then I burst out laughing at the look of shock on his face. Some relaxed, easy banter followed, as we made our way to a Mexican restaurant I had been to a couple weeks ago with my cousin. We chatted and laughed a lot as we ate our tacos and ribs, I stole sneaky looks at him, he’s really cute, I had 2 chilli and lime margaritas, and the first tequila shot of the night. We then took a walk around as he told me about himself, asked me questions, told me about old buildings (he loves architecture) and we found out we both have the same background and favourite colours which was weird. We went to a rooftop bar, where we talked on a balcony, his hand resting on my lower back, I told him I felt like dancing so he took me to a retro club, where we had our 3rd shot and showed off our amazing moves on the dance floor to 80’s jams such as “Never gonna give you up” by Rick Astley. Then we went upstairs to where they play old-school RnB, he politely asked a man to stop trying to grind on me from behind and at some point during our stunning performance we were kissing. I’m not sure who started it but it was goooooood. The boy has skills! Someone dropped their 4th shot on the bar (me) and decided no more shots! Went to another bar, because why not, kissed a lot, started getting quite close so we caught a cab back to his, kissing along the way..

So without getting into details, the rest of the night was amazing, extremely passionate, exciting and fun! I can’t and don’t really want to count how many times, including this morning. Oh and he cooked me bacon and eggs, damn he’s good! I ended up relaxing, chatting and kissing him until this afternoon when I decided I had to leave. He drove me home because I cabbed it into the city yesterday, even though I was just going to get a cab home. On the drive we talked a lot more and I knew I had to get home to evaluate my thoughts.

This is what I’ve decided; I really do like him but I don’t want a relationship still so that’s good. I definitely want to see him again, which scared me at first that’s why it was a great idea to leave, even though I wanted to stay another night, but he’s nice, fun and the sex is fantastic so of course I would want to see him again! Bloody relax Lucy!


10 thoughts on “Bacon = happiness

  1. Again, I’m so jealous. Maybe I should just tell guys I only want sex and then I’ll find a decent guy like that. Seriously, what am I doing wrong? He cooked breakfast for you? Nice. maybe I should move to Australia… Ha,ha!

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    1. Sex is not as important as you think. Cooking for a woman is based on the idea that I can invest in you on a deeper level and I will get it get it back. Sex is great but make him put in a little effort.

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      1. I agree. I’m looking for a relationship and trying to make them invest a little, but I can’t seem to find the right guys willing to do so. Maybe I need to have stricter boundaries. It’s discouraging for me when I hear or read about someone finding a decent person without really even wanting a relationship in the first place. Makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong. Thanks for the input.


  2. This was great. I love reading about guys making an effort to be great guys even if it turns out to be nothing more than a fling. Also holding in down in the bedroom is a huge +.


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