Another one bites the dust

game_over_sad_groom_funny_key_chain_basic_round_button_key_ring-r3ec18b4cd8974c1fab38971948580223_x7s50_1024I got “ghosted”.. But not the way you’re thinking. Get ready for it; I was ghosted by the fucking manager of the restaurant I had a trial at. What. A. Dick. No reply call, not even a text! Lucky I’m not an idiot and I’ve still been applying for jobs and have another couple of interviews this week, but I seriously think it’s ridiculous to not even call someone back who left a message asking for feedback, just tell me what I did wrong so I can at least work on it for my next trial dammit! Job searching sucks. So much for my buddha quote. Don’t worry, I’m weirdly optimistic about finding something else, I’m thinking it just wasn’t meant to be, the right position for me is out there somewhere! Or if there’s anyone out there in Melb VIC looking for a slightly sarcastic chick, who says stupid things, can’t carry three plates, is super dooper friendly and will work her little butt of for you? Give me a call!

On another note, I’ll be extremely pissed if “Sam” ghosts me! Just kidding, we texted each other a few times yesterday. I wrote cheesy, cute shit because I have this tendency to try turn guys off for some reason, no idea why! But I find it quite funny, and if they don’t, then too bad. Do I want to see him again? Yes I sure do! Am I going to? No idea! I guess I’ll just leave it up to him now because I still don’t really know how to go about this. Here, have a little read and see if you think I’m a complete dick or I’ve gotten myself into some cute, disturbing, slightly vomit inducing relationship;

Me: (His nickname!) I had a fun time, let me know if you want to do it again -tequila

Sam: Sure wifey. Maybe less tequila for you next time!

Me: Less!? I think none! First dance song hubby?

Sam: So romantic baby, I knew we’d be great together

Me: You know it babe!

Sam: How was your day honey? I ended up buying the car.

Me: It was splendid! Haha of course you did! Happy with it? Stupid question?

Sam: Ask me in a week when it blows up!

Me: Haha I’ll come pick you up don’t worry sweetie pie

Sam: You’re the best pumpkin

Me: Only for you buttercup

Before you think I got too cutesy with all of the sickly sweet pet names in that conversation; the first dance song link I sent was actually for “Another one bites the dust” by Queen! I crack myself up sometimes!


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