Exes & Ohs

freedomLast night after a nice, relaxing, toe burning, hot shower, thinking about how it would be a lot nicer if I was in “Sam’s” shower with him under that massive rain shower head he has, I was getting my interview/trial clothes ready for today. Which is definitely important in making a great first impression, kind of like dating. Seems like everything in life can be compared with dating! Anyway back on track; as I was organising myself, my phone chirped at me. I’ve got that annoying little chirpy bird message tone that’s starting to grate on my nerves, I’m going to change it right now actually. Ok done, standard message tone.

So I find myself doing a little skip over to my bed thinking it will be Sam, but unfortunately it wasn’t, damn. It was a number I don’t have saved, and it read; “hope your doing okay”. My first thought was that I am doing ok, it’s “you’re” and who the fuck is this? I recognised the number, could be one of the other guys I was originally texting, could be my sisters husband, I have his phone number though, and “Anna’s” staying there the night, not the smartest idea, but this text just doesn’t make any sense. Then it starts dawning on me, it’s my ex. Well he has impeccable timing! Seems to text me when I’m doing great! The last time he texted, I threw my phone across the room, I was blind with rage and yes I started to cry. If I get extremely angry, I’m one of those people that can’t get the anger out and I end up balling my eyes out instead. My mum heard me, came to the rescue, got me a glass of straight whisky and I calmed down. Then I wrote him the meanest text I have ever written anyone. Which probably wasn’t even that mean, I actually find it hard to be mean to anyone. I’m a big softy. This time I have to say, I laughed! How’s that for doing “ok” little exy! I didn’t reply because I just can’t be bothered. I’m proud and astonished at myself because the peace and happiness that I feel right now knowing that I am 100% over him is amazing! I feel so elated, so free, like I am the happiest girl in the world!

So today has been splendid! Not only did I wake up happy, I also got the job!! Woo hoo! Now I am ecstatic! I just bought myself some sexy underwear as a present for being amazing and moving forward in life like my stupid arrow tattoo’s meaning, I’m sitting out in the sun at the shops, sipping a gigantic latte, scrolling through share houses, truly revelling in my happiness and feeling completely and utterly on top of the world!


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