Because I’m happy!

Pharrell_Williams_-_HappyI am dying! Ok, that’s a bit over the top, I’m just drained. Happy drained though, which is surprising since I had less than 5 hours sleep last night and I didn’t sit down until 30 mins ago. That’s hospitality for you! But it was a great day! I love my new job, my co-workers are lovely, I didn’t fuck up and I get lunch for free which is a bonus!

Apart from that, “Sam” texted me yesterday, I’m so tired right now that I can’t even explain it, so you guys can just read it;


Sam: What are you buying me for Valentine’s Day?

Me: Something you’ll love of course! What are you buying me?

Sam: The best present money can buy. It’s very expensive

Me: You bought that car for me, I knew it!

Sam: Divorce

Me: Well since there isn’t a prenup, technically I’m right about the car πŸ˜‰

Sam: Yeah you’re right, I got us matching cars

Me: Sweet I’ll pick it up tomorrow then

Sam: Only if you bring my present

Me: I will! Not sure if you could handle it though

Sam: Just make sure it’s wrapped in a bow

Me: It will be

I love our texts! Haha! It’s great that I can be as smart-arsey and cutesy as I like and he gives it right back. He also just texted me asking what I am doing Friday, something about extra curricular activities after work, and he suggested a restaurant, bring it on Sam! That just topped my day off perfectly! I’m going to pour myself a wine and pass out in complete bliss!


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