Chocolate salty balls

53654214I had a little word with my family tonight, about boundaries, about not blowing up my phone with calls and messages just because I ran off to a guys house to get away from all of the drama that I seem to keep getting sucked into the middle of. Because I’m almost 30 years old! And just because I’m living with my parents again doesn’t mean that I’m 16 years old all over again! Sure, they’re just being protective, a little over protective. And now I’m slightly embarrassed because my dad is asking when they get to meet Sam. No! No-one is meeting him! At least definitely not ANY time soon! I’ve told them to stop, I’ve told my sister that she needs to stop asking me to call her husband to tell him that she loves him and would do anything to stay married to him, she said she would cut her hand off for him. She is ridiculous. So I’ve at least pre-warned them that I’m going on a date Saturday, don’t be scared, I’m a fucking grown woman.

I had a really good time last night at least. Sam took me to see the share house which was great because the guy was a bit creepy. Went in for a hug when I first met him, told me he’s not into men (good for you) and at one point proceeded to tell me about possums mating. Very peculiar person! Then Sam drove me around the neighbourhood that he grew up in, and took me to a restaurant that he always used to go to. We stopped at a bottle shop on the way home so I could get some wine, then we sat outside under the stars that were hidden behind big black clouds, listening to an old South Park album (don’t ask, don’t judge) I mean, chocolate salty balls can be kind of romantic haha! Oh and Chefs voice is the epitome of sex! Anyway it was freezing so Sam said he’d go get a blanket, I said I bet it’s leopard print, yep it was leopard print! I knew it, trust him to have a leopard print blankie! It was just so relaxing snuggled under that blanket together. Until things heated up and we went to bed “wink wink”. Then, the asshole that I am, I made him late for work today, woops! Also I literally wrestled him last night, I have no idea why! I think I was over tired, I go a bit weird when I need sleep lol but no harm done, he can’t think I’m that crazy since we’ve talked on the phone a couple of times today and he asked me if I wanted to do anything Saturday. Yep I sure do Sam!


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