Hagwalah-585x400Call me MIA! I’ve been soo busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to sit down, gather my thoughts and write a slightly maniacal post in a very long time. So buckle up guys, get ready for a thunderstorm of crazy emotions!

I can’t even remember what my last post was about, but I’m employed at a different cafe now. The other cafe paid cash in hand, which they could’ve told me at the interview so I could have declined the position because I need income on the books to rent, cheers guys. I also had an unfortunate Massage traineeship trial.. Yes that sounds dodgy. Yes it was dodgy. No I did not give anyone a happy ending! It was just implied because I have magic hands ugh. Even after I politely declined that position by lying and telling them I was offered a full time job elsewhere, they still offered me weekend work, tried calling me a few times, even got a message off the guy I massaged;

Hi Lucy its “Bob” the massage therapist. Was wondering if you had time to give me a massage today? well paid for of course. I was looking at getting a massage today and remembered how good you are.

Fucking hell Bob! I probably could have asked for shit loads of money but I just couldn’t! Not a chance! Sorry Bob! Funny thing is; I’m actually back to thinking that I might do a massage course still. A legit one obviously. But we’ll see, I’ve given myself until the end of the year to decide on a course so no worries there.

My sister Anna is still crazy, lovely, unsure, second guessing everything, not moving her ass like I keep telling her to, etc, etc. But hopefully soon I’ll be out, I’m checking out a sweet share house Thursday night, fingers crossed!

My Sam situation is just ridiculous. I find myself over-analysing, over-thinking a lot more than I’d like to admit as soon as I’m home! I don’t over-think anything when I’m with him, but last night Anna listened to me crap on for an hour about how dating is pretty shitty because how the fuck do you really know how the other person feels? Basically, you don’t! Suck it up princess! This is what I told her; I like Sam, I’m definitely not in love with him don’t be ridiculous. But I do really like him, he’s smart, funny, says some stupid shit sometimes, gets really passionate when he’s talking about something he loves, very caring when it counts, more than easy on the eyes and absolutely amazing in bed! That’s not in any particular order. Now here’s the catch.. His texting and calling skills are low. Sure he may be busy, I get it, I am too a lot of the time and yeah I’m sure I’ve had texts that I haven’t replied to in a few hours, but nobody is busy all of the time. And if you’re interested in someone, don’t you make the effort to send a quick text? It only takes a minute honestly. I know, here I go bitching about stupid shit again. Alright I’ll cut Sam some slack and tell you the things that make me think he’s interested;

So he invited me out for drinks a couple Sunday’s ago where I met 7 friends of his that he’s known for 15 years. I have actually spent two seperate nights at his so far where we’ve just cuddled and gone to sleep, although we had sex the next day. Pretty sure I’ve seen him more than every weekend for the last month. He texted me today asking how my new job’s going. We went out for dinner last Saturday, then the next day I said I’d leave so he could get shit done, he told me not to, so we ended up going to lunch, Ikea, bunnings, Masters and Officeworks because he wanted a cabinet. For the record he gets really distracted and looks at everything! We had a lot of fun talking shit and being idiots at the shops. He holds my hand quite a lot, and even though I like it I eventually let my hand go slack and let go. When I leave his place I leave quick. I feel like I’m giving him “back off” vibes, but I can’t help it. And even now I want to see him again but I’m going to leave it up to him. He tells me anything, so I’m trying to open up a bit more, I have told him some personal stuff, I’m proud of myself for that. But why do I find myself wondering if he likes me? Is it because I’m a girl? Is this how every girl thinks when it comes to a boy they like? My sister thinks I should leave it for a couple of weeks but why should I when I actually want to see him. But then I start thinking what if he doesn’t ask if I want to catch up this weekend too, it’s not like it’s the end of the world, but I’m really hoping he does. Why the fuck did I get feelings for this guy! This is stupid. I’m stupid. Get a grip Lucy.


4 thoughts on “MIA

  1. The massage therapist thing is hilarious. “Fucking hell, Bob.” Made me LOL!
    As with Sam, I personally say enjoy it, go with the flow and if you want to see him, then see him. If you don’t, then don’t. It’s pretty obvious he’s interested, he’s even introduced you to his friends. Dony listen to those pesky insecurities. They don’t know what they are talking about. You can take or leave what I say. Just thought I’d share my thoughts. 😉

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