Saturday night fever

SATURDAY_NIGHT_FEVERI’m going out tomorrow night! With my sister Kate and/or my friend Ellie, depending on whether either of them bail on me, they’re big flight risks. And even though I’m trying really hard not to get my hopes up, I’m excited! I’m excited to go out, drink, dance, have fun with the girls and NOT see Sam!

Yes I ended up at his house last night. Sure when I called him after seeing the first share house of the night (which I liked a lot) because I was extremely lost and my Sat Nav had died, I convinced myself that I was calling because he knows the area (which he does for the record) and he could help navigate me to the next place. But I know that a sneaky, girly part of me was hoping he’d invite me over. Which he did when I told him that the next house I was looking at wasn’t for another 2 hours because the first house asked me to come earlier than originally planned. No I didn’t immediately jump at the chance and scream yes, I was mostly kicking myself for calling him in the first place and weirdly giddy that I would get to see him again. So we chatted for a bit while he directed me through the streets, then when I was about a minute from his house I told him I’d go there and we could hang out until the next house.

He answered the door in only shorts with his hair all messed up, looking absolutely adorable. He got me a drink of water (see I don’t always drink alcohol) and we settled on the couch, which is L-shaped so I purposely sat sort of facing him but not next to him. We talked about what we’ve been up to while he checked his emails and I showed him the houses I was looking at. Then after a while he scooted over next to me and put his arm around me, so obviously I snuggled in because it felt really nice and cosy and I like how touchy he is. I could be standing at the kitchen bench and he’ll come up and wrap his arms around my waist, doesn’t matter where I’m standing or even if I’m drinking or eating he’ll do it. Although he could just be thinking that I might choke on something so he’s getting ready to perform the heimlich maneuver. But even that’s chivalrous!

Anyway, while we were snuggling on the couch I mentioned that I had gone for a walk around the lakes near my house the night before so he decided that we were going for a drive so he could show me one of his favourite spots on the Yarra river. He drove around some beautiful streets with absolutely gorgeous mansions on them, took me to a walking track/park that had one of the best views of the city which I seriously wish that I had taken a picture. I hope the mental picture I took stays put, it was stunning! Then down to the river we went. He brought his camera along, as well as a cigar and we parked out butts under some big trees, chatting, watching the river flow and some canoers gliding along it. He took some pictures, but gave up because the lighting was pretty dull where we were, he tried taking a couple pictures of me but I’m not fond of close up pictures of my face so he got the back of my head (you can keep those Sam) but the sneaky bastard got me calling him a dickhead in a couple of videos that he sprung on me. Then it was 20 minutes until my next share house viewing and I still hadn’t looked up how to get there so he offered to drive me which I said I’d feel bad but he said he wouldn’t have offered if he didn’t want to, so off we went.

The second house was ok, the people were nice enough, the catch was that the block had been subdivided so there is construction work going on out the back. Sure I’d mostly be out during the day while building was happening and yeah I chatted and drank wine with them for a bit while Sam watched tv in his car, but I liked the first house better and I felt like I had more in common with the people in the first house too, plus there’s a boston terrier puppy there, so I’m going to message house 1 guy tomorrow to say I’m definitely keen to move in, he’s got another person checking out the house this weekend so we’ll see how that goes!

Back to Sams, I thanked him for taking me, he said he was glad, he wouldn’t have gotton out of the house that night if I didn’t come over, he reheated pasta that he had made the night before (which was pretty damn tasty) we ate it outside and I’m pretty sure my bowl was bigger. Which I pointed out to him, after I had finished it obviously, he said I could afford to put more weight on, I said he could shut up. I told him that I would do the dishes which seemed to surprise him a bit, but seriously he keeps feeding me and I do nothing so why not. He did the heimlich move again a couple of times while I washed and we teased eachother a bit, like I’ve said before; I’m very sarcastic, but he took it and gave it like a pro. Then he decided to load the washing mashine as I was finishing up, so I wiped down the bench, went and congratulated him on his laundry skills, then parked my butt on the couch and he started cleaning the bathroom too. Didn’t take him long, it was a man clean, but he did vacuum it. Apparently I got him in a cleaning mood whatever the hell that means. I called him a weirdo and then we went to bed. We chatted, he awkwardly massaged my neck (he is the only person that will give me a massage when I ask for one), I massaged his hands, because I have magic fingers remember. The funny thing is; Sam got a massage on Monday or Tuesday and asked the lady to massage his hands but she didn’t do it nearly as good. So I’ll definitely take that compliment from Sam, not from Bob “the massuese” haha. Anyway even though I didn’t think I was up for anything, I ended up being up for it! So as I was dozing off afterwards while spooning, we mumbled goodnight to eachother and I decided to turn around and give him a goodnight kiss. He deserved it, and usually I’m either just falling asleep straight away or I do something fucked up like wrestle him, so my kiss was to make up for any “back off” vibes I’ve given.

He woke up late again, I seriously hope he’s regularly late and it’s not just me that makes him late. He came back in the bedroom to say goodbye and was almost going to be even later for work but “smart” me told him to go. He told me to go back to sleep and he left, so naturally I was wide awake because “smart” me is an idiot. I showered, made a coffee and sat outside for a while reading the paper, then I locked up and drove home, to the lovely, noisy house that I might not be in for much longer.

I’ve decided I’m giving myself another month before I decide what I want out of this thing with Sam, because I know it’s not just the sex that makes me want to see him, so I’m going to enjoy it in the meantime, then I’ll talk to him after Easter. And I’m glad I’ve made plans with Kate and Ellie because I just want girl time right now, I want to go out and be an idiot again like I was at the start of the year and I’d love to see if I’m attracted to any other guys because that is a massive tip-off in my head about my feelings, I’m generally not interested in more than one person at a time, so tomorrow night should be interesting to say the least!


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