Drunk call fail

Last night was a blast! Minus one small detail.. I drunk called Sam. I find it really funny that when you’re drunk, you can convince yourself of almost anything that your sober self will hate you for. Sober me is not happy with drunk me. Sober me made me sit in the corner and write page after page of “I’m an idiot” as punishment for being an absolute idiot.

The night started out great, we had burgers and cocktails at this funky diner/ restaurant. Caught up on what’s been happening in our lives, talked shit, took some pictures and funny videos because I’m pretty sure I was already pissed after a couple of wines and jugs of cocktails. I did text Sam at that point asking if he was busy later, he said he was going out to a certain suburb and I replied with “Ah too bad” because I really wasn’t going to chase after him when I was somewhere else already. 

Bring on bar number one! It was busy with people eating dinner still so we headed upstairs to a swankier spot where we drank wine on a balcony, enjoying the view and talking about our hopes and dreams. Then we went to a hidden gin bar, which I had been told was hard to find but it really wasn’t. Walking down into the dark, opium den, 007 style bar, we were escorted to a table where it was difficult to even read the menu, but the place was pretty damn cool and the drinks were absolutely mouth watering so I’ll forgive them for the blindness. I had a Vesper because of the 007 vibe I was getting how could I not! I started talking about Sam and how I should just be taking whatever we’re doing as what it really is, just sex. Sure I enjoy his company, maybe too much, but in the gin bar talking about the situation I came to the realisation that it most likely wasn’t going to turn into anything more than what it is because I’m too chicken to being it up for one thing, and because he’s never said anything even hinting at wanting a relationship. So drunk me thought fuck it, I’ll text him again! At least I can get a booty call out of this and maybe one day the man that I will end up in a relationship with will come along and I will just know when it happens, I won’t be wondering what we’re doing because it will already be obvious. So I texted “Hey where u at!?” Obviously no reply, that’s a pretty standard booty call text, I guess he didn’t want to be a booty call.

We went back to the first bar that was originally busy, got a shot and a couple (more than a couple) drinks as well as some finger food. Had a man help me choose a lovely whisky which I probably didn’t appreciate enough since I was drunk. A waiter tried hitting on us but I’m pretty oblivious to men flirting with me unless they outright say I’m sexy or something along those lines, plus; drunk. We all know I’m not smart when I’m drunk!

My friend said she was getting tired so it’s time for her to leave. And because it was only midnight and I really wanted this booty call to happen since I’ve never booty called anyone and I was trying to treat my Sam situation as what it is, I called him. Yes I’m cringing too. I can’t remember the exact conversation (funny that) but it went along the lines of me saying I’m drunk and letting him know I was willing to go to him, him saying he’s fucked and staying at a mates and I could crash there, me saying I’m up for whatever I just don’t want my night to end yet, him saying it might be weird if I crashed at his mates maybe we could catch up tomorrow, I’m busy tomorrow whatever maybe another day have a good night.

Drunk me is not allowed to have a phone anymore. Drunk me is in serious trouble with my morals, character and cerebral cortex (which is where thought and reasoning happen!). I would not be surprised if Sam never texted me again. I’m basically bummed out about the whole situation. I was originally going to just have a girls night and not contact Sam at all. What an idiot huh!?!


10 thoughts on “Drunk call fail

  1. You’re not an idiot doll! In my opinion, I think you need to define what YOU want as the priority over what you think anyone else wants or labels it as. You’re beating yourself up constantly about the situation with him, yet you’re not sure what that situation even is. Just ask yourself, what do you want this to be? I believe you will just continue to be frustrated until you’re able to answer to yourself. πŸ™‚

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    1. Dammit Dan why do you always have to be right!? haha I’ll have a good think about it. I was going to leave any thoughts about this situation until the end of the month but like you said I’m getting too frustrated not to think about what I want now.

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  2. Hahaha… FAR from it! Remember, this relationship advice is coming from a SINGLE guy. πŸ™‚
    I’m just good at reading situations. And your situation seems to require a little more of your attention so you can be at peace with what it is and what you want. Those two important things have to line up somewhere. Remember one thing, somewhere on the side of this, he is wondering the same fucking thing as you are, no matter how that comes across to you. Confusion never produces happiness.
    Try and clear your own blurred lines and just see what comes out of that. You might be surprised by your efforts!
    Single guy is going to shuthefuckup now.

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    1. Haha! Never shut the fuck up you wise single man! I actually did consider how he is feeling about this, I’m thinking the talk will be necessary sooner than later after I work out how I feel exactly. I really do appreciate your opinion by the way, I wouldn’t have a clue how to sort this shit out otherwise lol
      Single female is going to stop being so damn confused!! πŸ˜›

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    1. Ah this is all new to me, I was in a 10 year relationship up until Oct last year, I’m still not actually sure what I want out of this!
      The Vesper was great! I can’t remember exactly what was in it but if you can picture a gin martini with a lemon twist, that’s it!

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      1. Yeah. I understand. Dating is new to me, too. I was married like forever n didn’t date much b4 that. I had an Emerald City Martini with gin, I didn’t care for it. But I drank all of it…lol.


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